Grouting – Foretek specialist ground treatments

Over the last 30 years, we’ve played a significant role in the development of grouting for improving ground. Our knowledge and experience has been gained from work on some of the largest and most complex geotechnical projects in the Turkey.

Compensation grouting

Foretek employs compensation grouting to address settlement issues arising from underground excavation, minimizing potential damage to nearby structures. This method involves injecting controlled amounts of grout between the excavation and the foundations of protected structures, effectively reducing settlement. Widely applied in tunneling projects across Turkey, Foretek’s expertise ensures effective protection for adjacent structures during underground excavation.

Compaction grouting

Foretek utilizes compaction grouting to reinforce loose and voided materials within the ground. This resilient grout is applied to enhance the stability of both man-made and natural areas characterized by loose or disturbed ground, including solution features in chalk.

Infill grouting

Foretek specializes in infill grouting, a process that includes drilling into voids and injecting grout. The injected grout effectively fills voids, including those created by abandoned mine workings, and subsequently hardens to ensure stability. Our successful application of this

Permeation grouting

Foretek employs permeation grouting to enhance the strength and water resistance of granular and fissured materials. This process entails injecting low-viscosity grouts into the ground, effectively penetrating the material’s structure and modifying its properties. Widely applicable, this technique finds use in various applications, such as the sealing of dams.

Jet grouting

Foretek employs jet grouting as a versatile and effective treatment method suitable for diverse ground conditions. By utilizing a high-pressure jet, this technique cuts and mixes in-situ soil with cement grout, creating a high-strength, low-permeability material. Jet grouting is applied to treat specific areas of ground and construct structures like props and water cut-off barriers.