Mini piles and restricted access

Piling solutions for confined spaces

In certain situations, deploying full-size piling equipment may be impractical due to limitations in access and working areas, such as under bridges or within existing basements with restricted headroom. In such cases, a minipiling solution proves advantageous, utilizing smaller, lighter, and more maneuverable rigs capable of installing various pile diameters in diverse ground conditions.

The selection of minipiling technique, rig, and tooling tailored to each unique application is a specialized area in which we possess extensive experience. Early discussions on design details are crucial, as pile capacity often hinges on ground conditions and the plant suitable for the specific location and constraints.

Cementation Foretek provides a comprehensive range of minipiling services. Alongside conventionally powered rigs, we operate electric rigs suitable for confined spaces like basements, where exhaust emissions pose challenges.