Continuous Flight Auger

Pile installation without vibration is a priority for Foretek. Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piles, widely employed in the industry, are a common choice. Typically, the depth a CFA rig can bore is limited by the height of its mast.

Benefits of CFA piling

Foretek constructs piles by drilling using a continuous flight auger to the specified depth. The process involves pumping concrete through the auger’s hollow stem while it is being extracted. CFA technology empowers rigs to deposit concrete below groundwater level, eliminating the necessity for casing.

Foretek ensures the reliability and consistency of production through computerized automation of the boring and concreting sequence. Our proprietary electronic control system, Automatic CFA system, enables the automatic control of pile installation, eliminating the need for manual tracking and ensuring uniformity in the process. Cementation Foretek’s CFA piles stand out as some of the most monitored and predictable foundation elements currently in use.

Foretek Service Capability

CFA is relatively a new technology Foretek for the last decade completed thousands of meters of CFA. We have the exact solution you need on time and budget