Rotary Bored Piling

Foretek Rotary Drilling Piling for Road Construction
Foretek Rotary Drilling Piling for Road Construction

Rotary bored piling (RBP) involves the utilization of a specialized machine known as a piling rig, equipped with specially designed drilling tools such as buckets and augers. These tools are employed to repeatedly bore into the ground, extracting soil and rock as the pile advances, until the desired depth is achieved.

Unstable Ground

In situations where the subsurface conditions are loose or weak within the top 20 meters from the surface, a temporary or permanent casing may be employed to prevent the collapse of the ground during pile boring.

In cases where the ground remains unstable along the entire length of the pile due to factors such as groundwater ingress or deeper loose ground, the use of full-depth casing or drilling fluids, usually polymer or bentonite, becomes necessary.

RBP Benefits

The benefits of Rotary Bored Piling (RBP) compared to Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piling lie in the enhanced pile capacities that can be achieved. Utilizing casing allows for the creation of open holes with larger diameters at considerable depths. This capability facilitates the augering or coring process for creating sockets in deep and stable strata, the installation of long, multi-sectioned, and/or intricate reinforcement cages, as well as the incorporation of complex pile instrumentation and load cells to assess maximum load capacity or validate design assumptions.

It is common to find RBPs extending beyond 60 meters in depth, and recent trends indicate the construction of piles exceeding 70 meters in depth.


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