Auger Displacement Piling

Auger Displacement Piling

Foretek specializes in innovative foundation solutions. Our Auger Displacement Piles (ADP) ensure rapid, quiet, and vibration-free installation—a green alternative for urban environments. CFA Piling, introduced to the UK by Cementation, offers advantages in granular soils without temporary casing. With three decades of experience, Foretek delivers timely and budget-friendly ADP and CFA solutions, exemplifying our commitment to cutting-edge, environmentally conscious foundations.

Rotary Bored Piling

Rotary bored piling (RBP) involves the utilization of a specialized machine known as a piling rig, equipped with specially designed drilling tools such as buckets and augers. These tools are employed to repeatedly bore into the ground, extracting soil and rock as the pile advances, until the desired depth is achieved. Unstable Ground In situations […]

Continuous Flight Auger

Foretek prioritizes vibration-free pile installation with Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) technology, known for reliability. Our CFA piles, constructed using automated systems, allow concrete placement below groundwater level without casing. With a decade of experience, Foretek offers precise and budget-friendly solutions for your foundation needs. Trust our expertise in CFA technology for efficient and predictable results.

Diaphragm and Slurry Walls

Diaphragm and Slurry Walls Diaphragm walls, ideal for deep retaining structures, offer exceptional leak protection and are well-suited for such applications at Foretek. Diaphram Walls Diaphragm Wall Construction at Foretek involves several key steps. Initially, a working platform is established, and a guide wall is constructed. Purpose-built mechanical or hydraulic grabs, suspended from a crane […]


Grouting Mastery – Foretek Ground Solutions

With a 30-year legacy, Foretek excels in advancing grouting techniques for ground improvement, drawn from extensive experience in Turkey’s major geotechnical projects.

Compensation Grouting: Addressing settlement issues from underground excavation, Foretek injects controlled grout amounts, safeguarding nearby structures during tunneling projects.

Compaction Grouting: Reinforcing loose areas, including man-made and natural zones like solution features in chalk, Foretek employs resilient grout for enhanced stability.

Infill Grouting: Specializing in void treatment, Foretek drills and injects grout to stabilize spaces, proven successful in managing abandoned mine workings for significant infrastructure projects.

Permeation Grouting: Enhancing strength in granular and fissured materials, Foretek injects low-viscosity grouts to modify properties, widely applicable, including dam sealing.

Jet Grouting: Utilizing a high-pressure jet, Foretek cuts and mixes in-situ soil with cement grout, creating a robust, low-permeability material for targeted ground treatment and structure construction.

Trust Foretek for cutting-edge grouting solutions, a key player in ground enhancement for diverse projects.

Mini piles and restricted access

Confined spaces demand specialized solutions. When access limitations, like under bridges or in tight basements, make full-size piling equipment impractical, Cementation Foretek excels with minipiling expertise. Our compact and versatile rigs install various pile diameters in diverse ground conditions. With extensive experience, we tailor minipiling techniques, rigs, and tooling for each unique application. Early design discussions are crucial, ensuring optimal pile capacity based on ground conditions and specific constraints. Cementation Foretek offers a comprehensive range of minipiling services, including electric rigs suitable for confined spaces where exhaust emissions are a concern.